Back from PA

Well I’m back from the trip to Chikara for the Young Lion’s Cup. I believe I’ve made my last trip out there for a Chikara three shot weekend. It was just way too long and the difficulty in finding hotels was a major pain in the ass. It was a great time with Mickie and Maniwa but I’m sure they got tired of my negativity about everything since my beliefs on wrestling don’t coincide with those shows. Most everyone treats us with respect and outside of one or two, there isn’t anyone who I personally can’t stand. We got to hang with Smart Mark Gary on Sunday for a short time so overall it was a fun experience…just not one I’m looking forward to repeating any time soon.

Maniwa and I ribbed Mickie for a couple of hours the first night and pissed her off to the point of leaving the room for awhile. “Come on Mickie…come on…” We then ribbed her again on the ride home and got some major heat brought down my way…it happens.

Tomorrow is flyerin’ time for the Plymouth show much to the dismay of my grandma. “You’ve got to come home sometime you know!!!!” Morris is on my agenda for at least a couple of hours because I have to get my 1969 Cubs autograph ball to Chris so he can get Billy Williams put on it on Thursday for me.

Since nothing else is happening in my life right now…

Good Day






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