Quick funny story

As all of you know, Ian and I are back to being on friendly terms.  He extended the olive branch to me after War Games to stay with the company and I accepted.

Well after the Hammond show, Ian and Mickie came to my house in Morris so we could flyer for the Midlothian show today and in the morning.  Well yesterday, Mickie said something to make Ian mad, I can’t remember exactly what, but he told me that for a horse, he would accept my offer of an arranged marriage that I made in Valparaiso on April 29th.

Today I went to Toys R Us and bought 2 My Little Pony figures and gave it to Ian today to arrange for the marriage.  Ian laughed like crazy but Mickie refused the offer.  Some things never change.  Here is a pic of Mickie with the 2 ponies that almost arranged our marriage.

x( – picture gone


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