It’s only a month late but here is pics from the Philly trip

As most of you might remember, Shaina, Maniwa and Adrianne rode with me for the show at the ECW Arena.  Here is some insight into that trip with some pictures.  If you don’t want to read and look at stuff that is a month old, this update isn’t for you.  This trip was a lot of fun because Maniwa, Shaina and I used to be inseperable.  Since we broke up, Shaina and I have rarely spent more than a hour together at a time and never has Maniwa been with us.  This was a trip down memory lane and I was a little sad when it was over.  However, time marches on and you have to move with it or be left behind.  On to the trip:

We picked Shaina up from her work at Circle K around 6 AM on that Friday morning.  We took off towards Philly but were not in any hurry since I had no desire to go to the Shane Douglas show that night.  We got into Ohio and heard a commercial on the radio for ice cream factory and a petting zoo.  We decided to go for it since we didn’t have anything better to do.  The ice cream factory was the petting zoo but on this day they didn’t have the zoo going.  However, there were some ducks.

x( – picture gone


We got to feed some corn to the ducks and eat ice cream so it made us happy.  On the way back towards the highway, we saw an arborteum and decided to drive through it and look at trees.  It wasn’t a bad experience as they had a swamp area that we went to and the girls tried to scare the boys and vice versa when we all went to the bathroom.  No one got scared though but we thought it was funny we both had the same idea.  Here is a picture of us checking out the swamp area.

x(  – picture gone


We finally got into Pennsylvannia and after three stops, I found my Butterscotch Krimpets Tasty Kakes.  As previously mentioned, these things are the new love of my life.  As long as I have my dollar, I can’t be rejected.  How can you go wrong with that.  I ended up buying about 30 packages of them on the trip and here is a pic of me with the first batch.

x( – picture gone


Now isn’t that a picture of a handsome happy man???

After the show was done, we went back towards Baltimore so we could go to the Aquarium on the Inner Harbor.  We got to see a dolphin show but we were a little disappointed overall because it was too crowded and you couldnt see anything.

x(  – picture gone


We went out in a peddleboat on the Harbor but that didn’t last long as we weren’t in shape enough to peddle for half an hour and it was too damn hot.  We walked around the harbor some and found some fantastic tea.  Nothing is better than orange tea when done properly.  I found a crab that reminded me of Chandler McClure so I choked the hell out of it and tried to use it as a voodoo doll towards Chandler for costing me Mickie.

x( – picture gone


Well there is your photo update on our trip to Baltimore and Philly.  Stay tuned for more updates in the future that aren’t a month old.

Good Day.






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