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Well I am on the road so I can’t update with pictures or anything. I went to see the play Wicked on Tuesday night in Chicago. We also went horseback riding that day. Pictures should be up next week when I’m home and have time to do it. Limos, horses, movies with zombies and a play all in one day. Almost too much action for one day. I have my digital camera and I finally got a new computer and thanks to Maniwa and now know how to use them properly so this book will finally have pictures to go with it.

We went to Romines when we got into Morris on Monday night and I have a great story to tell. “Rachel” needed to go to the restroom so I picked up the bottle of sugar on the table and kept staring at it. Maniwa asked what I was up to and I told him my plan. He laughed and said I had to do it. I proceeded to pour the sugar onto Rachel’s chair. When she returned, I looked over to her and said “hey sweet ass!” I got slugged twice before I could get out “you are sitting in sugar.” I then took another shot to the arm afterwards for doing it. Maniwa and Adrianne thought it was hilarious so I guess it was worth the bruise and pain.

War Games is on Saturday in Valpo and I feel like a prince waiting for the coronation to make me King. I have a limo reserved for the afternoon so that the Family can arrive in fashion. Take the guys out and relax before the show to calm any nerves that we may have before the big match. I have the strategy all planned out and I’m sure it will work to perfection.

See ya at the shows.

Good Day.






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