The blahs are back

Well we all knew I couldn’t keep the negativity out of the live journal forever. However, I’ll keep it censored as much as possible.

I can’t sleep since I’ve come back from the shows this past weekend. My grandma left for the cabin on Sunday morning and I’ve scraped and painted the shed since she’s been gone. Tomorrow I’ll mow the lawn.

This morning I woke up at 6 am even without my grandma being here to wake me up and tell me not to sleep the day away. I kept trying to go back to sleep but I couldn’t. I’ve tried going to bed for the past 4 hours tonight. I even took 4 tylenol pm’s. I fell asleep but I had a new nightmare that almost ended the same way the other nightmare ends that I’ve had the past month or so. I was just beginning to accept the other nightmare and embrace it as maybe a good thing and now it has changed. Tylenol PMs have never failed me before. Uggghhhh.

The part that made me wake up is when in the nightmare I go to talk to Maniwa who has always been a sounding board for me through the small amount of good times and the vast amount of bad times and he disappears and turns into a person I don’t even know.

Well I’ll finish by saying I got way too many things on my mind and nothing good can come of any of it.

I’d say good day but it would be a lie.






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