Some things from the last couple of weeks

I’ll keep this writeup very short and to the point.

The other week almost saw the death of me while traveling to Plymouth to put out flyers for that show. If I had never seen Final Destination 2, I would have been crushed by sheets of metal flying off the back of a semitruck. Thanks Shaina for being a scary movie fan and having me watch that with you. I have always been leary of those semis that aren’t boxed in with what they are hauling after watching that movie. I was able to stop just in time before it came flying off and it would have flattened my car for sure.

After finally making it to Plymouth, I had a brief encounter with Mike Wallace and tried to steal the Notre Dame magnet off his car and throw it away. He chased me around the hotel parking lot and I got accused by some busy body bitch of being drunk and disorderly. She was in her room with the door wide open and didn’t like the noise being made from us having fun. She came out and told me to be quiet or she would call the cops. I felt like smacking the shit out of her and telling her to mind her business at 8:30 at night but instead just went with “you do what you have to do.” She called the manager and the manager called the room. The manager then must have told her to shut her mouth and close her door if it bothered her because that is what she did.

We went to watch Longest Yard and it was a fantastic movie. I suggest everyone watch it. Kevin Nash is 100 times more entertaining in this movie than anything he ever did in wrestling. The jokes surrounding Goldberg is quite good as well. Austin was alright in the movie but Sandler and Chris Rock were great together. I think it is going on my list of Top 5 movies as is the new Star Wars movie.

Nick Maniwa and Adrianne joined me in going to the Comedy Club to watch the Mayor perform. It was a great time. One of the comedians whom was acting as MC picked on me and asked me if I smoked weed. He was disappointed when I answered “no” and told me that I wouldn’t understand his jokes then. After the Mayor got up from the table and did his routine the guy apologized for picking on me since I was there with one of the comedians but then asked again if I was sure that I didn’t smoke weed. The Mayor did a great job as usual. I was very disappointed in the guy dressed as a Twinkie…so much potential…so little realized. The Mayor told a religion joke and almost made me fall out of my chair. Good Stuff Rich. Keep up the good work.

I made my return to Iowa. It was quite uneventful. I am counting the days to War Games. Heads will roll between now and then just like the end of Godfather as all the enemies were murdered as Michael was getting ready to become the Godfather.

I’ve been feeling really blah lately. Perhaps the trip to Philly will lift my spirits.

Good Day.






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