It’s update time

Well the Jim Fannin World Tour is taking a couple of days off in order to get the jungle mowed at my house and get other chores done.

In the past week I’ve been to Long Island, Baltimore and Philly and been through 9 states on the way – IN, KY, OH, PA, DE, NJ, NY, MD and WV. Once I got home, you can then add a 10th of IL to the list. But now on to the important info.

We were flyering in Vincennes and Princeton for the Vincennes show and got to see the opening viewing of Star Wars. The next day it was raining unbelievably hard and so we went to Starbucks to drink some coffee and wait out the rain. They had a deck of cards so Rachel showed me a nifty trick with the cards in which they can answer questions about the past, present and future. The questions about the past and present were answered with about 95% correctness so if that holds true, my future holds no more relationships and an early death. My mom died at 38 and my dad at 49 so the average of the two would put me around 43 or 44 so about 15 more years.

After the show in Salem it was off to Long Island for the Chris Candido Memorial show. I don’t know how I made it to Bry’s house in PA but by golly I did at around 11 am. I couldn’t drive any further so he took over the driving duties for the remainder of the trip and thank goodness he did because traffic in NY killed us. Once we entered Brooklyn, it took us 45 minutes to go a mile due to traffic. I did get a picture of the sign for entering Brooklyn. Once I get it put onto cd at Wal-mart, Maniwa will get it posted on here. I missed the sign for leaving because I was tired and it was dark and I didn’t know about it. The sign leaving Brooklyn says “Leaving Brooklyn – Fughetaboutit” I’m very disappointed that I didn’t get a picture of it. Before we even got that far though, we had a blow out in Trenton, NJ. We showed amazing skill and got the tired changed in about 6 minutes and later found out that Sandman drove right past us and couldn’t believe his eyes that we were capable of changing a tire. The show wasn’t very good at all. I don’t see how it was supposed to be a tribute show when the only tribute they did was a 10 tink salute on the worst ring bell ever. They had 3 managers and 2 valets on the show and they were absolutely horrible. No wonder a guy like me doesn’t get offers to do other shows…they have a plethora to choose from that are local so why pay someone to come in and do it. BLah.

We went to a Baltimore O’s game on Sunday and had a good time. There were these two adorable kids sitting in front us about 1 1/2 years old and 6 months old. The older one kept turning around and asking Alan for some of his pistacios. It would be nice to have a son of my own to take to games and whatnot but I highly doubt I’ll ever get that chance. But I’ve vowed to keep this upbeat so…in similar news, my friends are expecting a child. “Amy” asked me about being at the hospital for the birth since I’d be “Godfather.” Joke or not, I like the sound of that. It will probably be the only way I’d be called a father and it would give me good reason to spoil the child. God forbid if it is a girl because between me and the daddy, there would be a lot of over protection going on come time to start dating and all through life really.

I love reading the Sports Guy on…he is a wrestling fan and just writes humorous columns on sports. He is always talking about a stomach punch like the ball going between Buckner’s legs or Bartman interfering with Alou trying to catch the ball. I received one of those proverbial stomach punches while at Golden Corral in Baltimore. I’ve already spoken to Rachel about it so it doesn’t need to be detailed here.

Finally, I have found a new love. Butterscotch Krimpets Tasty Kakes. I must have had 20 of them while on the east coast which is the only part of the country that sells Tasty Kakes. You better believe there will be lots of shopping done for them when I go back to Philly for the Arena show.

In closing, I will be making my return to Iowa next weekend as those problems have been worked out and then it is Plymouth, Indiana. See ya at the shows.

Good Day.






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