Well this could be it for awhile

I’m really getting tired of writing up the same old boring reports on my mundane life. It gets depressing to see the same stuff over and over again. I might just stick to surveys and such and then if something major happens, I can give an update on it.

This week has been something else for me to experience. The trip for Candido’s funeral was very long and very emotionally exhausting for all of us. We got lost several times and knew it was Chris playing ribs on us. I had some long talks with Rachel about things and she knows how I feel and now I fully understand how she feels. God bless her for having several reasons to not go out on a date with me without any of them being because I’m fat, ugly, boring or the standard routine. Of course, it is also the fact that she doesn’t want to since options were given to fix the reasons but at least she was nice enough to not say it. But this horse has been beaten to death already so why continue discussing it further.

I had a conversation with Steve Stone and he offered up some advice for me. I won’t take it because it just isn’t me. I’ve lived my life a certain way for almost 29 years now and well I’m too damn stubborn to change. The Mayor gave me some advice too and he is a wise man and I trust his advice so maybe I just need to relax and be patient.

I’ve watched Something’s Got To Give, Pretty in Pink, While You Were Sleeping and Phantom of the Opera on DVD this week after returning from New Jersey. All were good movies and should be seen by all one of you that still read this thing.

We were putting out flyers for the Midlo show yesterday and we stopped at an Arby’s to eat lunch. Back in Black came on in the restaurant and we had to leave. We went to Wal-Mart after we got back from Jersey to get my headlight fixed. I ended up standing in about the same place that I stood when I last talked to Chris when I called him as he was going in for the surgery. I could feel my heart sink again.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why his time was up and I don’t think I want to understand it. It was rough putting out the flyers yesterday since his name was on them. It will be rough at the show tonight knowing that he should be there. I’ll have the rubberbands on my wrist and the white towel in my hand to honor him. Hopefully Steve was able to get ahold of the guy that made the CC arm band so I can get one of those tonight. I actually thought about dying my hair blonde for the show but it wouldn’t help bring him back so I guess the rubber band and towel will be enough. I’m putting out a bucket at the tables tonight for the fans to donate to the scholarship fund. Let’s honor his memory by letting his name live on at his high school. When I go, I would want a scholarship established in my name at Morris High School.

Well I guess I’ll leave everyone with a funny story. I picked up Billy Gunn from the airport this morning and we stopped at a Cracker Barrell in Joliet. When we left, everyone came out of the kitchen and watched us leave all starstruck. The manager came running over and picked up the bill for us but none of them were brave enough to ask for an autograph. Good times. Good times.

Until I have something else positive to post,

Good Day.






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