Candido’s funeral

I just got back today from going to Chris Candido’s wake and funeral out in New Jersey. It was a very long trip but one I don’t regret taking. Steve Stone was able to go with me as were a couple of others so it made for a good IWA turnout for Chris.

The wake was packed with people and the funeral was standing room only. Tammy took joy from the amount of people that showed up to pay respects and she said as she walked into the wake, “Chris drew a good house tonight.” She was taking it very well and being strong. She was telling people to stop crying as they went through the line. Steve and I got to speak with her at the wake. She told us that Chris always would speak of us and she through her arms around me and kept saying “JJ…JJ…he thought so highly of you.” It made me break down to know that and made me glad that I called him before he went in for surgery and that I made the trip out there. I hope everyone enjoys the picture of the Dream Team at the end of my last update. It will be one of my favorites from now on.

I’ll update more later.

Good Day.






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