Well look at who has another update

Picking up where we left off last time:

Thursday April 21st was quite the ackward day for me. I tried to call Shaina but couldn’t reach her so I just left a voice message. I was going to go home and do nothing for the weekend but instead, I ended up going to Iowa. I guess I just can’t stay away from wrestling shows…or can I???? I won’t go into details on why the day was ackward but I will say that it was definitely a day filled with memories. Instead we all piled into my car and started out towards Iowa and drove through quite a few horrendous rain showers.

We get to the hotel early early early in the morning on Friday and immediately go to sleep. I do not go to the wrestling show, again, those that need to know why do and I’ll leave it at that. Everyone gets going and finally leave for the show in Burlington, Iowa and I turn on the Cubs game and get ready to enjoy a quiet afternoon by myself. What happens, the Cubs get rained out. I decide to go for a swim in the swimming pool since no one else was in there. I found two cents in the pool so I’m already ahead on this trip. The water was cold as hell and I fare as well in water as the Titanic so I cut that fun adventure short and go back to the room. I notice the Muscatine Mall is across the street so I get dressed and decide to check it out. Here is the inside of the mall – a movie theater, a GNC and 45 empty storefronts. The outside has a couple of restaurants and a sporting goods store. What a mall!!! I did like the sporting goods store however as I was able to get a pair of Cubs flannel shorts and a Cubs Mark Prior number tshirt on sale for a total of $18.

I went back to the hotel and watch a tremendous episode of Friends on TBS in which Ross is getting ready to marry Emily and it is a full flashback on the trials and tribulations of the relationship between Ross and Rachel. I decide to go watch the Ashton Kutcher movie “A Lot Like Love” at 9 pm to help pass the time. I enjoyed the movie and give it a good review. It wasn’t like what I thought it would be since it is advertised as love getting in the way of friendship kind of thing. It wasn’t really like that at all. Even though it wasn’t what I was thinking it would be, I still enjoyed the movie and would watch it again. Everyone got back to the room safely after the show and that was it for the night. I was told that a couple of people asked about my whereabouts but for the most part, I wasn’t missed at the show.

Saturday started off poorly as the Bears draft Cedric Benson instead of Mike Williams. I don’t even know why they bother anymore. We’ll let Anthony Thomas go after not even using him and then we’ll bring in a copy of him and pay that guy three times what it would cost to keep Thomas. Here’s to another 5 win season. The Cubs then piss me off even more for the day when LaTroy “How stupid can Dusty be bringing me into a 1 run game” Hawkins blows yet another game. I guess Maddux will have to go 9 innings any time he wants a win this year. Around this time the wrestlers are at the pool and being loud as fuck. I swear they must be animals to act that way in public. Throwing furniture off the balcony into the pool and then jumping off the balcony into the pool. Well needless to say, the wrestlers are no longer allowed to stay at that hotel for future Iowa shows. Good job boys. I cap the night off by going to see Fever Pitch at the theater. Fantastic movie. Immediately one of my favorites. While watching this movie, I discovered that I don’t hate all happy endings. Sometimes I even find myself rooting for them. Why should I hold my bad luck against the rest of the world? Meh.

In closing, I was called “Miss Piggy” by my friend this weekend and “Rachel” called Kermit. I asked why I had to be the female and was told it was because I was the one with the obsession. Good Grief. I have sunk to new lows. She obviously wants no part of dating me but yet I continue to be a pig. A giant whobadeeblah to that. To think that I thought I had been behaving myself of late…guess I wasn’t.

Anywho, I have a busy week ahead of me in terms of flyering, driving, airport running and possibly going to a wake for the father of my cousin-in-law if I make it back from Kentucky in time. Now it is time to mow the lawn, wash the car and make some phone calls about getting trees cut down.

See everyone at the shows. Good Day.






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