Cubs Win, Radio Hosts are scum, etc

Well I am still in Louisville for a few more hours before heading home for the weekend. I think I’ll be watching a lot of the NFL draft and the Cubs over the weekend because I am not going to the shows in Iowa. Those that need to know why I refuse to go know so. I won’t go into it on this thing.

I got down to Louisville on Monday evening. Rachel got a speeding ticket while driving to the meeting point for us so she was in a worried mood that her dad was going to kill her when we arrived in Louisville. She was extremely tired from the several hours of driving and little sleep over the course of the weekend so I let her sleep while I drove. Guess that means it was a pretty uneventful trip.

The Cubs blew the game Monday night so I was glad that I chose to go the Tuesday game pitched by Prior. I like Kerry Wood. I think he’ll snap out of his slump soon enough.

The Cubs game on Tuesday was a lot of fun. The little one didn’t enjoy himself as it was boring so I would point out all the good looking women in the crowd that would walk by our seats. Sometimes he would enjoy it and other times he would just get embarrassed. We got hosed on the seats as the scalper told us it was field level and charged $40 a ticket. He left out that it was in right field at the top of the bleachers. They weren’t bad seats by any means but definitely not worth twice the face value of the ticket. I had a couple of Reds’ fans yelling crap at me while I was walking back to my seat while carrying nachos and a drink and didn’t have any free hands. No one said crap while I was walking around without my hands full. The Cubs win 7-1 on a dominant performance by Prior and homers from Derek Lee, Corey Patterson and Michael Barrett.

The host on the Reds’ radio station on the post game show was an overbearing prick though. Every Cubs fan is a jobless worthless obnoxious drunk who needs to leave his town immediately. When fans would call in to his show, he would go off on them and say “why are you attacking me? You’re obnoxious.” Well asshole, you ran your trap. I’ll grin when I hear that he got the clap and his penis fell off because that is what he deserves for acting that way. Every team has obnoxious fans. I sat in my seat and applauded at good plays and home runs and said nothing. I didn’t drink a single beer. If that makes me jobless, obnoxious and drunk then I guess I’m living in a time warp. If he was just wanting to make people hate him, then he should enroll in the Jim Fannin “How to make people hate you with a passion for the right reasons” class. Tuition costs are a mere $2500.

Everyone is out eating Chinese food now so I thought it would be a good opportunity to do my update. I’m working on a fool proof plan to finally successfully woo Mickie at the next set of shows.

Good Day.






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