I didn’t even know it was my birthday

Well yesterday turned into a day of some interesting happenings.

I went to watch The Ring 2 at the Morris movieplex with a friend and I guess I liked it better than the first movie. Of course, I had to watch the first movie quite a few times since it was like Shaina’s and Maniwa’s favorite movie there for a while. It still isn’t my kind of movie but it was good for what it was. If you like scary movies like that, this one would be fine to go watch.

After watching the Ring 2, we returned to my house and we watched Phantom of the Opera starring the guy that played Freddy Krueger. It was a good movie but the Phantom was waaaaaaaay to pure heel in this movie. Every heel needs to have at least one redeeming quality and the Phantom in this movie lacks that. It is impossible to cheer for him. It was very different from the play and the movie that just came out that I went to see with Rachel but she likes this one as well. There is no scene with a falling chandelier. The ending is completely different. Gruesome at parts but overall it is still a fun story to watch.

After watching Phantom, it was time to go to Romine’s and eat. I had to go to the restroom after eating the Should Have Bean There Burger before having a banana split. I get back to the table and Rachel says to just play along with whatever she has done. A moment later, a big ass bowl of banana split is delivered to the table with a candle in it and the waitress says “Happy Birthday” to me and says I’m lucky that the other girls were busy or they would be over here singing to me. I guess someone was in a hurry to get me to turn 29 seven months early.

I guess that about sums up the day. The Cubs won. The Cubs lost. I got picked on by Rachel and my grandma. I ate alot. A usual day in my life.

Good Day.






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