Run down of events

Even though Nick Maniwa is not a fan of live journals that talk about everyday life, here we go hitting the important things:

The Mayor did a routine at the comedy club this past Tuesday night and he did a fabulous job. “Rachel” and I were out flyering for the Salem show all day and we went to see him and it was his best routine of the three that I have seen. He is constantly improving and before long will have quite a set going for him. It is a shame that he only gets a few minutes each time. We went to eat afterwards and had a good time. I’m looking forward to his next performance.

Before going to see the Mayor, we stopped at “Rachel’s” sister’s house. Her brother-in-law has the most extensive Star Wars collection that I have ever seen. Her niece and nephew are both very beautiful children. I held her niece for quite awhile and was a tackling dummy for her nephew for a spell. It was a fun time had by all and I got to learn quite a few spoilers for the upcoming Star Wars movie.

We watched a few good movies over the course of the beginning of the week. Casablanca was voted as the greatest love story movie ever made by the American Film Institute. It was good but I wouldn’t go that far. I hated the ending. I liked the character played by Humphrey Bogart right up until the end of the movie. I would give it a thumbs up review but the ending should be changed. I also got to watch Top Gun (fantastic) and we watched The Exorcist-The Beginning. It was much better than I thought it would be and I was actually interested in it. I would give it a thumbs up review as well.

Now onto the shows:

Billy Gunn is too awesome to put into words. He is towards the top of my list now for favorite names that we have brought in for a show. Everyone who bad mouths him on the message board should have their fingers amputated because they don’t have a freaking clue about how cool Billy Gunn is. He worked hard. He bought me food. He helped me tear down the ring in Herrin. I will never say a bad thing about Billy Gunn and he is more than welcome to be on any future IWA shows in my book.

Tracy Smothers is still awesome to listen to during a promo…”if I hear a Tracy sucks chant, everybody dies…”

I helped Chandler and Bryce defeat Mickie and Ian in Salem. The end result: Chandler vs. Mickie at Simply the Best – if Chandler wins, I manage Mickie…if Chandler loses, I have to wrestle Mickie for 3 minutes. Chandler had better win or else I’m killing him.

Welcome back to IWA Tommy Thompson. Thanks for helping flyer Salem.

I saw Shaina and Cicero on Sunday before driving back to Morris. Frisch’s in New Albany has some horrible waiters but other than that, it was fun.


I went to the White Sox home opener today. Good game won by White Sox by a score of 1-0. Chris and I had fun but I don’t forsee too many more Sox games this season being attended by me. Too much anti-Cub sentiment for my liking.

That sums up an exciting week in the life of Fannin.

Good Day.






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