Time to leave

Well ladies and gentlemen, I am about to leave to go to Kentucky for a week. There are IWA shows in Herrin, IL and Salem, IN this week and there is some promoting to be done.

When I get back from the week long voyage, I will update will great stories about the shows and the chicanery involved in getting there.

I believe I will be attending the White Sox home opener on next Monday if all goes according to plan. Chris wants to go and what the hell it’s baseball.

Yesterday was the family gettogether for Easter. I guess it went well enough. I sat in the living room and showed different parts of the TPI DVD to the family in order to try and convince them to attend Midlo. My family sucks and maybe 1 or 2 will show up. They ooh and aaah while watching but even a free ticket can’t convince them to drive 30 minutes to watch. If it involved an all you can eat buffet I’m sure it would be a family sellout. At least I got my grandma and Aunt Faye going and probably my cousin Chuck. Who knows outside of that. It sucked having to move the recliners out of the kitchen and into the living room and then back into the kitchen and move all the tables around. I’m still tired from all the lifting and not having my afternoon nap.

The silver lining of me being gone for a week is that there won’t be any surveys for at least a week.

Good Day.






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