Take out your pencils class…it’s time for another pop quiz

Another one stolen from Ken so blame him not me:

A – Age you got your first kiss: 25 – how bad is that
B – Band listening to right now: Nerf Herder: nothing…commercials during Illinois bball game
C – Crush: I guess “Rachel” but if you’ve been reading lately you’d know that
D – Dad’s middle name: Allen
E – Easiest person to talk to: Maniwa – can tell him anything and know that it goes no farther
F – Favorite ice cream: Banana or chocolate peanut butter
G – Gummy worms or gummy bears?: Bears although the blue sharks are good too
H – Hometown: Morris, Illinois
I – Instruments: I played the saxophone in 6th grade for about 3 weeks maybe
J- Junior High: Shabbona Middle School (pronounced SHAB BANA – there’s no “bones” about it)
K – Kids: would be lovely but I don’t have any and at this rate never will.
L – Longest car ride ever: Louisville to Bloomington, IN back to Louisville to Morris to Valpo to Emanaus, PA.
M – Mom’s name: Terri
N – Nicknames: Jimmy Jamm (that one’s just for you Mark)
O – One wish: Ken wished for Cubs World Series Championship, I could wish for wife and kids but let’s go with something that is possible: I wish that I win the powerball when it over $200 milion
P – Phobia[s]: Snakes, Needles, Failure, Dying Alone and old, Bull Pain
Q – Quote: Good Day
R – Reason to smile: don’t have many and none immediately come to mind
S – Song you sang last: Baby Girl (#12 on CMT Video Countdown tonight)
T – Time you woke up today: 7 am like always when in Morris.
U – Unknown fact about me: I don’t really hate everybody…just 99% of everybody
V – Vegetable you hate: anything that isn’t corn, green beans or peas
W – Worst habit(s): Being very negative.
X – X-rays you’ve had: Broken hand, 2 broken fingers, some dental x-rays and once to see if my heart was 3 sizes too small.
Y – Yummy food: hamburgers
Z – Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Good Day.






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