Muscatine blues

Well this weekend has come and gone and tomorrow morning I have to go to the courthouse to find out about jury duty. Let’s get to a summary of events for this weekend.

I spent most of Friday watching Fox News and MSNBC and CNN coverage on the gunmen in Atlanta going crazy. I was intrigued by the story and found myself glued to the television hoping to see this man go down in a massive gunfight with police when he was finally found. However, the cops were idiots and spent 12 hours looking for a car that was 1 floor below them in the parking garage and I started to think the guy was long gone. On the other hand, we were dealing with a criminal so he wasn’t in his right mind and he stuck around. Then he gave up without a fight when he was found. He must have been thinking that since he escaped once that he could do it again.

The show in Muscatine had some great matches on it. I thought Cannon vs. Chandler was better than expected. Danny vs. Josh was very good. Brandon vs. Matt was great. Mickie vs. Rain was real good. I told Chandler and Bryce that I wasn’t going to manage them since they lost last week to Mickie and Ian so they would have to go it alone. I did commentary for the first half of the show. Boz cut a promo in which he said “pisswater” and “jerkwad” so it gets my vote for promo of the year. I sat by Maniwa for the last half of the show except for the few moments that I got involved in saving Danny Daniels ass in order to keep it a title match for BJ next week in Highland. The situation causing me to not want to be in Muscatine continued so I was out of there almost immediately after the show ended.

Today was a do nothing day. I watched Illinois win the Big Ten tourney. I sorta watched Kentucky play about as well as me and get their asses handed to them. I then watched the Selection Show and all I can say is that I don’t know what the hell the committee was watching. Washington a #1 seed? That isn’t quite as bad as UConn being a number 2 seed. How in the hell is a team ranked #15 in the polls that lost in their tourney semifinals get to be a #2 meaning they are one of the best 8 teams???? How in the hell does Louisville who was ranked #6 and WON their tourney get a number 4 seed????

I skipped the ESPN Bracketology show in order to drive to Valpo to give a fan some flyers for the show on Friday. I took my grandma along for the drive and she had fun sightseeing as she had never been over that way before. I’m thinking about trying to talk her and my aunt into going this weekend so they can get some experience of seeing the shows before the Midlothian show. I don’t know if I will or not though.

That about sums up the wonderful life of Fannin for this weekend.
Good Day.






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