What the $%^# is this world coming to?

This is an edit to my earlier update so I am adding the new thing to the top.

What the hell is wrong with people? A man just shot and killed three people in an Atlanta court room and made an escape after pistol whipping someone and stealing his car. He was a 6’1 black man on trial for rape/sodomy, drug and gun possession. I hope when they find this piece of human excretement that they shoot on sight and don’t even bother trying to keep him alive and put him back on trial. They said the man kept staring at the jury during the trial trying to intimidate them. F’n idiot. That would ensure a guilty verdict on my jury son. I hope nothing happens like this when I go to jury duty on Monday morning. You’ll either be seeing news reports of me being dead or me choking out some piece of garbage that tried similar crap. I wish the judicial system was like it was in the 1800s. Trial at 9, hanging at noon. There is no need to go through trials and retrials after this jackass is caught. He should be placed in front of a firing squad but only have his knees and his penis shot. Then he should be beaten with a bat to the rib cage for twenty minutes by the family members of those he just shot and killed. Then he should have a broomstick rammed up his keister by the woman he raped. Then they could hang him. Here’s to hoping that he runs into Tank and Masada and they kick the hell out of him before the cops find him.

This is the second straight day that I woke up so congested that I didn’t bother going to the gym. I absolutely hate it when I’m so clogged that I can’t breathe. I’m fat and need all the air I can get.

I’ll be sitting in front of the tv all day today (what a change from any other day I’m in Morris) watching the basketball games. I’m not usually a basketball fan (being that I’m short, fat and white) but every year I get caught up in March Madness. I’ll have three teams that I root for this year: Kentucky, Louisville and Illinois in that order. I still root for Rick Pitino since he was the coach at UK during my days there and had the back to back title games. It’s nice to see the home state doing good this year as well. We went to an Illinois/Penn State basketball game back in high school as a Varsity Club trip. It wasn’t as fun as when we went to the Rosemont Horizon for WWF and saw Flair/Razor vs. Bret/Perfect and I almost started a fight by cheering for Flair but it was fun nonetheless. I also visited a friend of mine from high school several times while she was going to U of I and the two state title games of Morris vs. Joliet Catholic were there so I’ve spent some time on the campus. I like going off on tangents if you couldn’t tell.

Muscatine is tomorrow and I’m not overly excited about going. Most know why. They seem to think that I’m wrong so I won’t go into on here. I’ll show up, do my job and leave. Since there will be some games on tomorrow, I’ll leave 2ish and get there around 5. I’ll be coming home directly after the show is over so I’ll be nice and comfortable for Selection Sunday. I have to laugh every time I hear the “experts” say that Kansas deserves a number 1 seed seeing how they are ranked like #10. That’s a three seed in my book. Even if they win the Big 12, they would still only get ranked about #6 which is a 2 seed. The #1 seeds should be: Illinois, North Carolina, the winner of Wake Forest/Duke in ACC tourney, UK if they win SEC/Arizona if UK loses and Zona wins Pac 10.

Jeopardy is having try outs in Chicago the next couple of months and I was thinking of filling out the application and trying for it. I would lose since I don’t know anything about opera and half the other categories they use but I think it would be a fun experience. I don’t know if I’ll actually do it though since the odds are very slim of even being picked for the tryout let alone making the show.

I have nothing left to discuss since nothing happens in my life.

Good Day.






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