Down Goes Frazier, Down Goes Frazier, Down Goes Frazier

What a weekend of highs and lows I tell ya.

Friday I went down to Louisville before the Vincennes show. The plan was for possibly a movie and then some food and some bowling with the Boy Meets World mafia. I got into Louisville and much to my dismay, Goggles was back. I don’t like Goggles. I would go so far as to say that I hate Goggles. I hate that he got into IWA shows for free back in the day and that he sat on his fat ass and watched me and others do shit that needed to be done and acted like he was King and didn’t need to do a damn thing. I hate the fucking retarded ass look on his face as he sits around with his damn mouth hanging open like he’s trying to catch flies. Worthless, useless pile of horse manure in my book.

Anywho, Goggles, “Alan” and “Rachel” went to Bastardized Backyard Wrestling upon my entrance to the house. “Amy” asked if I wanted to go and well an evening with Joe and JC Bailey and Goggles would surely mean that I have died and gone to hell so I passed at that opportunity and decided to watch Rocky V and Friends instead. After the tragic comedy show got over, they called and said for me to go pick up Maniwa and Heidi and meet them at Hoops before it was time to go bowling. They had picked up the rest of the crew either at the show or after or something. We had two tables and my table was Maniwa, Heidi, Carrie and me. Misty was at the table sometimes but most of the time she was over at the other table. I had started to feel sick and the food didn’t make me feel any better. Chicken tenders aren’t good food for a sick stomach I guess. It took forever for our order to be taken and then I sat there for over 10 minutes with an empty drink and we were like the only tables in the damn place. I skipped out on the bowling as I didn’t feel up to it at all. I took Maniwa and Heidi back to Maniwa’s and that was basically the night. I had a fever going before I went to sleep and “Amy” told me to take some medicine but I just went to sleep. It was around this time that things started going crazy. I had held some discussion earlier in the night with Joey Capone about some ideas for birthday presents for “Rachel” as her Bday is in a couple of months. However, with the way things had gone that night and with some other events after returning from Hoops, I kept replaying the old highlight reel of George Foreman killing Joe Frazier. “Down Goes Frazier, Down Goes Frazier, Down Goes Frazier…It’s over…It’s all over.” A bad omen perhaps.

I felt much better when I woke up but now I have a sore throat and am fully congested. It was off to the show in Vincennes. It was a good show. I kissed Mickie on the hand after asking her to join the Family and got the taste smacked out of my mouth. “Rachel” picked on me all day. I am now a mean jerk that has D cup sized man boobies and those are just the putdowns that I can still recall. Perhaps those omen’s were right from the night before.

I watched Illinois blow their perfect season and UK also lose on Sunday. I also drove home.

Now I’ve got that damn sore throat and congested sinuses. I’m talking in ims with a few people. I’m tired. I’ve got nothing else to add.

Good Day.






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