My grandma is great and I’m off for another wrestling weekend

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I will be leaving in about 30 minutes for another IWA weekend of fun. I just got my windshield replaced in the Honda (paid for by my grandma…damn she is great like that) and the man said to give it another hour to dry and hold together before getting onto the highway.

I’ve read that Ian Rotten will be announcing the first partner on Team Ian for War Games. This ought to be such a huge surprise. I’m guessing either Danny Daniels, Ryan Boz, Brad Bradley or Trik Davis. Trik and Boz will be at the show so I’m thinking it is one of them. That will really put some fear into the Fannin Family. Since Ian is going to announce his first partner, I shall one up him at the show and announce the first competitor for the Fannin Family.

There isn’t much to touch on since I’ve already updated this thing about 250 times this week. It will be a few days before there is another update so I hope my legion of fans can survive without any further updates for awhile.

Good Day.






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