Coach Darlington’s farewell letter in tonight’s paper

Always remember MCHS pride

MDH Guest Column by Dan Darlington
Former Redskin Football Coach
To the community, my players and coaches: Throughout our lives we are challenged by many new beginnings. One of my beginnings was as a student and athlete at Morris Community High School.

Even then it was my home away from home. I spent many hours there in classrooms, on playing fields, in the gymnasium and in locker rooms. In those places I met people who would help shape my life for the future. Larry Kane, Bob Ciota, Joe Corsello, Verna Purdue, Joe Laughary and Gehrig Dergo are just a few.

They inspired me, pushed me, believed in me, supported me and fought for me if need be. I learned a great deal from these people at MCHS. When I graduated from Morris High School I vowed I would one day continue in their footsteps working with young people. I, too, would show students the possibilities waiting for them.

A few years later I was back again at Morris High School to start a teaching and coaching career. During this time I hope I have helped students and athletes to grow. I can’t believe how the years have flown by. I am now nearing the end of 29 years in my career.

I remember talking with William Ferguson, the Athletic Director at the time. He said, “Dan, it’s not the same here anymore. It’s not like it was when you played. People have other things to do now. They aren’t as interested in high school sports any more.”

I thought to myself, they will get interested again. With the help of my coaching staff, I will show the players what they can do. Our team will win and the people will come back.

They have year after year.

To the community, I say thank you for all of your support through our victorious run. Your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and neighborhood kids have really given you your money’s worth in entertainment and pride. Your excitement and enthusiasm has meant so much to me, as well.

To the athletes I have coached, I say thank you. Never have I witnessed such hard work and determination. You have made me so proud. Our relationships and memories will last a lifetime. I wish you much success and happiness.

To my coaching staff and friends, who work endlessly year round, I say thank you.

Your dedication, hard work and loyalty have been the foundation our program was built on. We were strong because of unity and our dream to make Morris High School the best in everything.

I am entering into yet another beginning in my life. I have accepted a new job as head football coach and part-time athletic director at Plainfield North High School. My hope is all present and future Redskins remember our locker room sign, “Always play like Champions.”

As a former graduate of Morris High School, I remind fellow alumni that Redskin Pride Never Dies.






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