I went to the gym today and I could tell the difference that 2 weeks off makes. My knee and ankle did not like the treadmill at all.

I can’t sleep again tonight. I took tylenol pm last night and was asleep by 8:30 and slept til 7 am. It was great. Tonight I can’t sleep. It always happens when I’m in Morris. I toss and turn all night unless I take tylenol pm. Blah. I wish my mind would stop thinking about stupid things.

I sent out an email to a company that makes tshirts really cheap that an IWA fan sent me a link to a while back. Depending on what info I get back, I might come out with 2 different tshirts since they can be purchased in low quantities. I might make a Fannin Family shirt and then a Fannin Fan Club shirt. We’ll wait and see.

I’m watching Boy Meets World right now but I almost got very mad because Disney Channel went off the air for a minute or so in the middle of it but it came back on.

Valpo and Bloomington this weekend. I leave tomorrow afternoon.

Good Day.






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