Part One – Open to the Public

Well it has been quite awhile since I’ve given a full update on this thing so I’ve decided to make it easier on myself and break it into two parts. One will be open to the public. One will be for friends only.

I’ll start with the Vincennes show from two weeks ago. I had to go to the airport and pick some people up at both O’Hare and Midway. Once again I got lost at O’Hare. This time I wandered for 40 minutes before I finally find the correct terminal. Aaarggghhh. It was then a mad dash to Midway but that went fine. Since I had to pick people up from the airport, I didn’t make it to Vincennes by belltime and missed Steve Stone’s match. I just sat with Maniwa and Big Sweaty Mike at the DJ table the whole night since Stone was the only Fannin Family member on the show. Tank and Masada murdered a couple of Wildside kids in impressive fashion on the show. Danny Daniels vs. Delirious went about 30 minutes and was very good. “Peek a boo baby!!!!”

I led a caravan of cars up Route 41 towards Highland after the show. Talk about a drive through the boondocks. There was absolutely nothing but cornfields. Two squad cars were on the side of the road at one point doing traffic stops and told me to pull over. I had a headlight that must have went out that day. The ring truck had a headlight out as well. The other three cars in the caravan pulled over as well. The cop asked for my license and registration and then went to walk away. Someone in the back seat sneezed and the cop came running back and shined his flashlight into the car and said “Did somebody just say something smart?” We responded that someone sneezed and the rest of us said “God Bless You.” Cops can be stupid. Like we all want to go to jail in the middle of nowhere Indiana in the middle of the night. We are all dead tired and it is about 5 in the morning so we stop at a hotel about an hour south of Highland (first hotel seen in two hours on the trip).

Highland was a great show in my opinion. Wild weird stuff occured that I never thought I’d ever see. Ian Rotten and myself sort of working together and on the same side. Ed Chuman sent his goons in to attack Stone and Chandler after the tag title match and after we had cut off Boz’s ponytail. Ian and his friends came in to run off Chuman. It led to an ackward moment and a staredown between us. At the end of the night, Chuman’s goons attacked Ian and company until BJ, Stone, Chandler and myself ran them off including me tackling Todd Sexton. The crowd started chanting “IWA” as the Family and Team Ian stood side by side in the ring until we noticed what was happening. We went to the floor and another staredown ensued. Ian then issued the challenge for the three team War Games. I finally have my chance to take over IWA and own it all. This will be the biggest match in the history of IWA since ownership and the future of the company is on the line. I guarantee that either Ian or myself will win this thing because there is no way in hell I’ll allow Chuman to win. Ian has challenged me to be the fifth member of my team and for me to actually fight for my cause instead of having others do it for me. I am seriously considering it at this point. The AmeriHost was full after the show so a bunch of us had to go to the Best Western off the next exit.

Instead of coming back to Morris, I went down to Louisville after the Highland show weekend and got to see Shaina for breakfast on Valentine’s Day. I’ll have some more on that in the other update but for this update I shall say “F Valentine’s Day.” I spent Valentine’s night babysitting for my friends so they could go out and enjoy themselves.

While in Louisville, I watched a few movies. The Grudge gets a thumbs down from me. I don’t care for those kinds of movies to begin with and this one was a shining example of why. They jumped around, sometimes used subtitles, sometimes didn’t and it was way too unbelievable. Big thumbs down. We watched Mr. 3000 with Bernie Mac. That gets a thumbs up. I really enjoyed it and the ending was believable. We also watched a movie called “The Jack Bull” that starred John Cusack. This was a very good movie. If you like westerns or even if you like movies about good vs. evil that has some twists and turns, you’d like this movie. I also got to watch two classic movies: Smokey and the Bandit and Goonies. Chunk in the Goonies looks dead up like my cousin Chuck at that age and so when that movie came out, I loved calling my cousin “Chunk.” I got my ass beat badly countless times for it but I still did it.

My current list of Top 5 favorite movies are: “Godfather II”, “Patton”, “Smokey and the Bandit”, “What About Bob”, and “Rocky III”. While working at UPS a few years ago, my friend Big B and I would constantly quote Smokey and the Bandit and Rocky III. At the end of the day when we’d get flooded with packages to make the final flight, we’d sing the theme from Smokey “We’ve Got a long way to go and a short time to get there….”
I think my favorite quotes from the movie are “Junior there is no way and I mean no way you come from my loins…the first thing I’m doing when we get home is punching your mama right in the mouth.” “Junior, what we are dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the law.” My personal fave might be the way they censor the movie on AMC and TBS though and have Sheriff Buford T. Justice say “you scumbum.”

I eventually went and got my headlight fixed…six days after getting pulled over…I’m a rebel like that.

I then decided to take advantage of an off weekend from IWA and go to the Chikara Tag Tourney in order to talk with Eddie Kingston and Necro Butcher. Necro didn’t seem interested in fighting for the Family in War Games. Kingston couldn’t be talked out of skipping Chikara that weekend but thankfully Ian is probably going to move the date of War Games. The trip encountered 7 states as I went from KY to IN to IL in order to come home and get clothes. Then it was IL to IN to OH to PA to get to the show. Then it was PA to MD to WV to KY to get back to Louisville. It was 35 hours in the car total for that trip. Hotels were booked solid in Allentown when we got there and the one hotel that had a vacancy wanted $110 plus tax for a room from 5 am to 11 am. I told them they were “fucking on crack” and we eventually found a hotel a few miles away that gave us the room for the rest of the night and all of Saturday for $80. Pondo and Necro killed two ROH students and two Chikara kids in the tourney and the match of the night was Hero and Quack vs. Kingston and Mickie Knuckles. I didn’t like Kingston teaming with Mickie but it wasn’t an IWA show so I couldn’t do anything about it but watch.

Since the trip took me through 7 states, I decided to make of list of the states that I have been in during my life. Most are from wrestling. A couple are from class trips. A couple are baseball game trips. Here is the list: IL, IN, IA, WI, MI, MO, KY, OH, PA, MD, NY, WV, VA, TN, AL, GA, TX, CA, NJ and DE. I have also been in Canada.

Here are the baseball stadiums I’ve gotten to go to: Wrigley, New Comiskey, Tiger Stadium, Riverfront/Cinergy, Great American Ball Park, PNC Park, Camden Yards, Miller Park, Yankee Stadium and Candlestick.

Football Stadiums: Soldiers Field, Paul Brown Stadium, Hoosier Dome. I was also in Silverdome for a concert.

College Football: Indiana State, Northwestern, UK, U of L
College Basketball: UK, U of L, watched Indiana vs. Maryland title game at IU on big screen, Georgia Dome for SEC tournament, Hoosier Dome for Final Four where UK lost to Arizona in OT in title game.

I’m looking into the cost of putting out Fannin Family shirts. If the price is right, I’ll do it. Keep eyes on the tshirt table if you are interested.

Good Day.






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