Taxes are done and now I have to serve on a jury

Well I just got back from having my taxes filled out at H & R Block. I will get a refund from the federal government (Thanks Pres. Bush) but I have to pay the state of Illinois $11 and I have to pay the state of Indiana a whole whopping $1. I hate having to make out checks for a dollar but hey it could have been a lot worse.

I got a letter in the mail to undergo the jury selection process. I really hope they don’t pick me. Whoever is on trial better hope that they don’t pick me. Guilty. Death Penalty. I don’t care if it is for jaywalking. I don’t like having my time wasted so some criminal can have a jury of his peers. Innocent until proven guilty sucks as well. If you weren’t presumed to be guilty, why the fuck have you been arrested and put on trial. The law must think that you are pretty damn guilty so you better prove to me that you are innocent. I have this to look forward to in March. Bah.

Gym and diet are going well this week. I didn’t get much of a workout in yesterday because my legs didn’t feel up to it but other than that, it is going well. My weight has been bouncing around between 230 and 235 which is better than the 235/240 it was bouncing between for quite awhile. We’ll see if I can’t get it down to 225 soon.

I have to go to the airport tomorrow. Vincennes tomorrow night. Highland Saturday. It will be fun seeing everybody again since I’ve been in Morris all week.

Boy Meets World just came on ABC Family channel. It is my most hated episode of the series. Corey and Tapanga are broke up and she wins a trip to Florida. Corey and Shawn sneak to Florida so Corey can win her back. Bullshit. Life does not work that way. I’ll watch anyway.

That is about all for now. I’ll be coming home Sunday so until then…Good Day.


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