An unsuccessful return to the gym

I tried to wake up at 7 today but the 4 tylenol pm hadn’t fully worn off yet. I went back to bed for another hour and got up at 8 instead. I went to the gym and did the 100 crunches on the ab machine and then went to one of the shoulder machines that I lift on. It is like an incline bench except you push out on the handles instead of using a bar and loose weights. My right shoulder did not like that at all. It felt like someone shot me in the top and front of the shoulder. Well it felt like I imagine being shot would feel. The shoulder is still a little sore but I think I slept on it some last night because I woke up with it stretched under the pillow and hurting.

I ordered a reprint of my Home Depot W-2 since I never got an address change put in before I moved. It says it should be mailed by Friday so hopefully I’ll get it next week. I didn’t pay in any estimated tax so I probably won’t be getting a refund like I had the previous couple of years. I just hope I don’t have to pay in a boatload like I had to the first couple of years I lived in Louisville. It is much more enjoyable getting money back than sending it out to the government. I just have to hope that the losses on my stocks make up for the income from Home Depot.

I don’t think I have anything to do on the Valparaiso show this weekend. I don’t think any of the Fannin Family will be there. I do think that Steve Stone and Chandler McClure will be in Muscatine so I should have a couple of things to do at that show. I’m looking to the Highland show on the 12th. It should be fun. It is so much better being in front of 200 people than 20. It makes everything so much more fun even though sometimes the smaller crowds are more vocal.

That is about it for today.

Good Day.






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