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I just recently got back from the gym. Today was much better of a workout than the previous two days. I’m slowly starting to get back into the swing of things. I went 45 minutes on the treadmill after doing lifting for my arms and shoulders. I did a couple more reps than usual and through in a couple different lifts than usual. My shoulders are in horrible condition. I dislocated both of them several times as a child. I would tug and try to fight away from my mom in stores while she would have my hand and I would pull until my shoulder would pop out of place. I’ve never been able to do much lifting with them and now it is really hard. The other night while sleeping I rolled over onto my stomach and had my arm bent under the pillow and it almost killed me. I’m back down to the 235 that I was at 2 months ago before I stopped going to the gym so hopefully I can start losing more weight soon.

The Noblesville show is cancelled for Friday. I am going to Louisville tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be doing a few things with Shaina on Friday morning to try and get her bills in order at the new apartment. Friday night should be good fun. I believe quite a few of us will be going to see the Phantom of the Opera movie and then another edition of Boy Meets Bowling World. We have a show in Renssalaer on Saturday so we probably won’t be out super late but we don’t sleep anyway so who knows.

I did 100 hindu squats yesterday afternoon during the commercial breaks on Boy Meets World. The second episode had Vader on it. I love those episodes. I discovered that Boy Meets World comes on at midnight on Disney channel after I woke up last night and flipped through the channels. It is a shame that midnight is two hours past my bedtime here in Morris or else I would watch that every night.

Speaking of Boy Meets World, I’ve gotten into an argument with Marty Paradise over at “Eric’s” live journal. Seems that I am stupid for not wanting to work for backyard feds and feds with no name recognition. I guess working on a show every weekend that is seen on videotape and DVD by people in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan and managing people like Chris Candido against Terry Funk and Dusty Rhodes is a waste of time in the wrestling business. I should be spending my time managing a guy with a name shared by 14 other unoriginal bastards on the indy scene with a stupid spelling of it on a show that will only be seen by the people in attendance. I love pussies that talk shit on the internet under fake names. I, on the other hand, do my talking face to face and don’t back down from anyone. Ask anyone that was at the last Highland show. That is how a MAN handles business. Any seven year old with a computer can talk tough. People wonder why wrestling fans have such a bad rep on the internet. The answer is simple. The 20% that are assholes ruin it for everybody else. They all think that they know everything and can do it better but none of them have the guts to try. If you are God’s gift to booking then start your own f’n company. If you are so damn tough and want to mouth off to people then for crying out loud get in the ring. If not, shut the @#$% up, enjoy the show and then go home.

I hope that “Sean’s” mom has a safe and speedy recovery from her health problems. I wish I could have been down there to help you out bro but it wasn’t meant to be. I read that you had “Angela” and Mark to help you through it so I’m sure you were in good hands. It’ll be fun hanging out with them at the movie and bowling.

I wish Mark the best of luck on his new promotion. I might definitely have to arrange a road trip with “Sean” to make it to a show once you start running. I’m sure they will be excellent shows and hopefully there will be some guys from the old days of IWA that I can see again.

I’ll be back next week with a rundown of events from Friday and Saturday.

Good Day.






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