Reason # 1,321,073 why my Grandma is great

I got my car worked on today. It had to have an oil change, new air filter, new front brakes, 3 new tires, steering realignment and fluids changed. It ended up costing $600 and my grandma paid for it. Sometimes I’m lucky to have a grandma like that. It saved me from putting it on my credit cards and adding to my ever increasing debt.

I sent out some bills today and hopefully I’ll get my check this week and send out my other bills.

I finished reading Harley Race’s book today. I wish it were longer. It was quite shorter than most of the other wrestling books that I have read and thus it seemed that some of the stories were cliff notes versions. He didn’t cover the matches in which he won and lost the 8 NWA World Titles. He covered some of them but definitely not all. I was wanting to read about losing and beating Tommy Rich but he didn’t mention Rich at all. It also seemed that everybody’s quotes at some point concerned driving fast. I think that point got driven into the ground. I would still recommend the book because afterall, it is Harley Race.

I watched the new episode of 7th Heaven tonight. Lucy had her baby. It was a good episode. She gets stuck in an elevator and has the baby in the elevator. My grandma giggled at some of the chicanery that broke out and it was an enjoyable show even though it was stupid to have drama surrounding the child’s birth after they teased a miscarriage once before with it.

I went to the gym today and damn could I tell that I slacked off for the last couple of months. I had no endurance whatsoever. I guess I’ll have to get back into the swing of things. I’ll at least get a few days in this week. I’ll be going down to Louisville on Thursday to straighten some things out and hopefully get a few things taken care of.

Well it is my bedtime and I’m out of things to talk about.

Good Day.






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