Just another sleepless night

I had thought about taking some tylenol pm before going to bed tonight but I decided against it. 4 hours later I’m regretting my decision. I thought I was tired enough to be able to fall asleep. Unfortunately, I have a thousand things on my mind and I can’t fall asleep.

I am going to the gym in the morning. It has been a couple of months at least since I’ve been. I don’t like wasting the money I’m spending on gym dues so I’m going to go this week while I’m home.

I have a ton of things that has to be done to my car. It is time for an oil change. The check engine maintenance light came on for my 175,000 mile tuneup. The crack is getting bigger by the day in the windshield. I plan on dropping off the car at the shop in the morning to get the oil change and tune up. I’ll see how much a windshield will set me back so I can start saving.

I have to talk with the travel agent tomorrow as well and give her an estimate on the number of people for the airplane tickets.

The rest of my thoughts are dominated by the Boy Meets World saga. I think my brain is finally starting to win the fight with my heart.

I’ve got four hours before I have to leave for the gym. Hopefully I will eventually fall asleep.

Good Day.






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