Damn Snow continued

Well it appears that most of the Chicagoland area is buried under two feet of snow and it is still snowing in parts. Thankfully Morris is not part of that. We got two to three inches tops. I love being close to Chicago but far enough away to avoid the heavy lake effect snow.

Since the Valparaiso was cancelled, I got a chance to hang out with my best friend Chris. We have been friends since we were 5 years old. His wife went to her brother’s house in Springfield so he had an open day as well. We decided to Joliet since there really isn’t anything in Morris to do, especially if you’ve lived here most of your life. We went to the Best Buy and I finally found a cd that had “Friends” on it. I’ve listened to it about 5 times already while I’m typing this. Then we went to the mall and I got a great Ronald Reagan calendar that was on sale for $3. That is getting hung on the wall when I finish this update. I also found the Harley Race book at Waldenbooks. I’ll do some reading of that today and give a review when I’m finished. We then went to Texas Roadhouse to eat supper.

I got home around 8 o’clock and watched a movie with my grandma that was on the Hallmark channel. It was called “Annie’s Point” and it had Betty White, the red headed daughter from 8 Simple Rules, and John Boy from the Waltons in it. It was a decent little movie. It actually kept me up past my usual bedtime when I’m home in Morris. I was up till 9:45 instead of 9:30.

I think I still prefer Kenny Chesney’s “A Chance” over “Friends” for the theme song but it is too close to call right now.

My predictions for the football games today are as follows: Patriots and Falcons win. I hate the Patriots and Tom Brady. I hope Steelers win but I never get my way so of course New England will win.

Good Day.






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