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Hey Everyone, Nick Maniwa here. Jim Fannin might be able to lead the Fannin Family and lead numerous people to the Heavyweight title, but he didn’t know how to add pics to his Livejournal. All that aside, I’m gonna be posting a entry for Mr. Fannin today. In the month of December, Fannin and some others went flyering for the IWA shows. During this time of flyering, there was tons of Chicanery (Imagine that going on with Fannin around) and there were pictures taken, so without further ado….In this first picture, you see Tommy Thompson “hugging” a tree with his shirt off, I dunno what is up with this kid, first he fucks up reffing, then he fucks cats, is this kid a tree fucker too? You decide….
x( – picture gone
If he could be as good as a ref, as he is a tree/cat fucker, IWA wouldn’t need Bryce RemsburgThis next picture… Makes me wonder, Trees are too good for him, Big Chocolate is too good for him, Hell, Cats may be too good for him… This Mofo moved on to the opposite sex….
x( – picture gone
Where the hell is BJ Whitmer with a Shining Wizard right here? Guess you can’t always get what you wantIf once wasn’t bad enough, Here is Tommy once again on his knees, infront of a guy….
X(-picture gone
I guess he isn’t a one cat…. I mean one guy kind of guy…This next pic is of Jim Fannin, Big Sweaty Mike, Heidi, Joey and Myself in the back of Vince Jones truck. They needed as much weight as possible and us (excluding Heidi) being the fatasses that we are, all packed in there and it worked….
x(- picture gone
Here is another pic, that I took with my own camera, a lil more clearer….
x( – picture gone
Sorry for the blurriness on that picture, I had to cut it down some, so it would upload, so it took away from the quality. Still an awesome pic though.
Ok…. Ok….. OK….. We give Tommy a bunch of shit, but here is some redemption for him…. an actual picture of his girlfriend… yes, you heard it here first… Tommy Thompson’s girlfriend at her apartment in Salem….
x( – picture gone
That is all, Hope everyone liked the pictures.
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