Better grab a Snickers

I have been out of town for the last week and will attempt to sum up the events as best as I can and in some sort of order. I will finish with my new year’s resolutions. Now onto the details:

I got into Louisville rather late due to the piss poor road conditions caused by the winter storm. I left the day after Christmas and in the Morris area it was just fine outside. When I got around Seymour, the roads were horrible. Southern Indiana/Kentucky are inequipped to deal with snow storms. They don’t have enough plows and the people can’t drive in snow. I stayed awake all night and went to see Shaina the next morning when she got off of work. Thank you for the 1989 East Division champion Cubs stuff…great Christmas present for me. I got to do some playing with Cicero, see the new apartment that Shaina will be moving into and check into a few other things to make things easier. I hope her mother is doing much better and I will be coming back down in a couple of days to help her with the move.

“Amy” was picking on “Rachel” about our five year plan for marriage and kids if we both stayed single. “Rachel” denied having any knowledge of such an agreement. I told “Amy” that a plan like that could be compared to being on death row and having five years to get a pardon. No one needs such a scary scenario hanging over their head. This means that the five year plan joke is over. There will be no more mentions of it in this live journal. Hopefully for her sake, it will also end comments being made by others.

Tuesday night saw the debut of the Boy Meets Bowling World group. “Rachel”, “Sean”, “Angela” and myself went to Dixie Bowl for two hours and it was quite fun. The first game saw boys vs. girls. “Sean” and me won in a blowout. The second game was Sean and Angela vs. Rachel and me. Rachel was upset about getting the low score in the first game so I did the JOB and finished with a worse score than her in game two and we lost. The third game went back to boys vs. girls. It ended in a tie. Seriously. We ran out of time and they shut the lane off with Rachel and me left to bowl in the 10th frame. Angela was beating Sean by two and I was beating Rachel by two. I was on a strike though so the boys would have been victorious again since I was on double pin scoring for the 10th frame. We had our usual chicanery that carried over from the Bowling Ball Mafia with doing goofy throws and acting stupid. Maybe next time, the group will grow in size. We went to JBoys afterwards and the service was horrible. Every time the waiter brought refills etc, he would get the other three and forget mine. GRRRRRRRRR. Finishing up the BMBW topic, congrats go out to Sean and Angela on officially becoming boyfriend/girlfriend. It is about damn time.

I got the tickets for Phantom of the Opera in Wisconsin for the day after the Highland show. I am looking forward to it since the previews for the movie look good. I’m sure the original play production should be good so I’ll let everyone know afterwards.

We watched Open Water during the week. Great movie. I was scared. I don’t like sharks or snakes so I was nervous about the movie. “Alan” screamed at one point scared to death and that made me jump. “Amy” decided that if the four of us were to go on vacation, that it would be “Alan” and “Rachel” that would be the ones stuck in the ocean because neither of us would get into the ocean to begin with. Twice I poked “Rachel” in the side and shouted and scared the crap out of her. I highly recommend the movie.

The house filled up on New Year’s Eve. I was filling out crossword puzzles at midnight. “Amy” and “Alan” kissed and “Sean” and “Angela” kissed. I think “Rachel” kissed Misty. I wasn’t paying attention. No one came near me. Everyone then decided to watch Napoleon Dynamite. I didn’t think to highly of the previews and since I can’t stand New Year’s Eve, I sat out in the kitchen at the table and did crosswords and jotted notes on resolutions and topics for this update. After the movie, “Rachel”, Misty and me walked up to Speedway since all the restaurants were closed. After my uncle dying in a drunk driving accident on New Year’s Eve, there was no way I was driving to something within walking distance even though it was pouring down rain. We watched Eurotrip upon our return. Great movie.

Now for a tirade: why celebrate midnight only once a year? Why not celebrate it every night? Better yet, why isn’t Leap Year day the one that is celebrated? Damn it only comes once every four years like the Olympics. New Year’s Eve is here every year people. I represent the other 364 days that feel slighted and held back. To hell with New Year’s Eve.

Now for the Resolutions:

My parents only wanted two things of me: be a good person and make them grandparents one day. Well they didn’t live long enough to become grandparents but I always had the ultimate goal of having a family. Well that is out the window starting now. As Dirty Harry said in Magnum Force, “a man has got to know his limitations.” I have to realize that I am not the kind of man that a woman wants to marry. I’m the kind of man they want to be friends with if even that. Therefore, my new goal in life is to become a better person and my resolutions with reflect that fact.

I am going to try to cut back on my swearing.
I am going to try to cut back on my road rage. (I did good on these two today while driving home)
I want to lose at least 20 more pounds to get down to 215.
I am going to help my grandma more around the house. (I did my own laundry upon returning today)
I am going to try to be nicer to people that I’m not friends just about everybody.
I am going to try to be more socialable at the wrestling shows.
I am going to try to be more flexible towards new things as long as they don’t go against my principles.

I am going to let some of my grudges go. (I will no longer hate the three kids from high school that broke our pact of straight edge behavior in order to hang out and party with the cool kids. I won’t rebefriend them but I will actually speak to them if I see them on the street)

Finally, I am going to try to keep my credit card bills under control.

Good Day.






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