Not so Bah Humbug afterall

I have a few minutes before it is time to eat Christmas lunch with my grandma and my Aunt Faye so I figured I would jump in here with a quick update.

I enjoyed Christmas Eve at my Uncle Don’s last night. I sat out on the porch and just talked with my Uncle Ray, Uncle Bob and cousin Chuck for most of the night. When I was inside, my 3 year old cousin Carter sat on my lap and played the game “Perfection” with me. He shot me a few times with his toy gun and sat up on the couch by me for a few seconds. It was a fun time.

I got Pride of the Yankees (good movie even though it is about the damn Yankees), The Green Berets, Creed Greatest Hits, slippers and two pairs of sweat pants.

Time for me to go mash the potatoes.

Good Day.






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