Gone With The Wind

I just finished watching Gone With The Wind on TNT. I just watched the last half hour and the ending definitely ranks it up there with a movie that would follow in the line of thinking of me and “Eric”. I had never watched it before since it was like 1884 hours long but I might have to give it a chance the next time it is on and I know about it. Our movie won’t have to last that long but damn that is great to make people sit through hours upon hours and then rip their hearts out at the end. It doesn’t top City of Angels for a great ending but it is definitely within shouting distance.

Two deaths and the main characters don’t end up together in the end. Beautiful. “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” should have been the absolute end of the film but they ruined it by having the woman crying and then thinking she could win him back tomorrow. No need to leave the crowd with hope for a happy ending in the future. Leave them devastated and in tears. Clark Gable should have slammed the door in her face after finishing his line and that should have been the end of the movie. There is absolutely no need to go another two minutes of wishful thinking.

My aunt then had to piss me off and tell me that they make a second movie and Scarlett and Rhett end up getting back together. Crapola. Crapola. Crapola. We will just act like the second movie never happened just like SportsGuy pretends that Rocky V never existed.

I’m going to work on an outline and have it ready for when I see “Eric” again.

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