My grandma just watched South Park with me

My grandma just watched the Christmas episode of South Park with me and got offended about 29 times. Cartman used “f@#$%$# Jew asshole” a couple of times. GD was used more than once. I believe that they said shit a time or two as well. It was a nice spoof on Wizard of Oz and a great cameo by Saddam Hussein. I don’t believe that she will be watching any more episodes with me in the future.

I went to a birthday party tonight for a cousin. She turned four. It was only my grandma, aunt, cousin, and his 4 daughters. It made me wish that I had a kid already. My cousin is turning 30 in a month and has 4 daughters. I am 28 and haven’t had 4 girlfriends in my life. Being a loser is such fun. Anyways, it was sort of fun to just be around the family for awhile. I still would rather be in Louisville hanging with friends but hey what can you do. I’ve been away from home for a long time and still haven’t taken advantage of being back home. My aunt told a story about my mom tonight and it made me sad. Something about playing in a boat at the local boat store while they were getting their fishing license. We talked about a kid me and my cousin went to school with and that kid’s dad worked at the boat shop so it reminded my aunt of the story. I’m sure when I go to my uncle’s on Friday, that there will be more stories told. Thankfully, my grandma did not put up a tree while I was gone. I don’t feel like celebrating Christmas this year.

My credit card bills came in today. Looks like it will be time to embezzle funds from somewhere in order to get them under control. Credit cards are a very evil thing ladies and gentlemen. Avoid credit cards.

I spoke with Maniwa today about a possible return of the Bowling Ball Mafia during my next trip to Louisville area. We both agreed that any new group would have to have a different name because it would be like the reincarnations of the Horsemen. Not the same. I think we are going to go with Boy Meets Bowling World as the group name since “Rachel” and “Eric” would be joining us. Perhaps “Alan” would return. The Mayor would make a great Mr. Feeney. Speaking of Boy Meets World universe, I got an email from “Rachel” today. We might have a trip to Madison, Wisconsin in our future but first I’ll have to talk with “Alan” and “Amy” and see if it is alright. I don’t know if it will be or not so I’ll have to keep everyone updated.

Good Day.






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