Novel time

There are lots of things to update on and I tried writing down notes two weeks into events so things will not be in order.

We have come up with a system for this update. The innocent will be protected with fake names. They will be characters off of Boy Meets World. Tommy Thompson will be playing the role of Jack, Sean’s older brother. Big Sweaty Mike is now Eric. Nick Maniwa is Sean. The rest of the crew shall remain anonymous except for their BMW identity. I am not Corey. There is no Topanga. Now onto the update.

After the Vincennes show, the axle broke on the ring trailer. It broke in Terre Haute while we were on the way to Rock Island, Illinois. “Alan”, Chris Candido and myself were quite a ways behind the ring truck when it happened so we had to search for them in the dark. We finally found them in a parking lot. We decided to get a hotel. After dropping off just about everybody at the hotel a block from the parking lot, I returned to help “Rachel”, “Eric”, “Jack”, “Sean” and “Angela”. Sean and Angela went into my car and did who knows what but there was definitely at least hand holding occuring. I stood around and watched as Rachel, Jack and Eric tried working on the trailer. We finally decided that we would finish in the morning and go back to the hotel. Candido, Jack, Eric, Rachel and me shared a room. Rachel and me in one bed, Candido in one bed with no covers, Jack and Eric on the floor. We were freezing from being in cold ass parking lot for quite some time and Candido had the air conditioner on 10 in the room. I think some of the ice is just now thawing from our bones. We got up early and went to get a new tire since the one blew out when the axle broke. We still couldn’t fix the axle and finally had to take it to Goodyear for them to overcharge us to fix it. Earl from Tire Barn was a great help but we couldn’t do it ourselves.

I can’t remember very much about the Rock Island show other than a great Candido vs. Jimmy Jacobs match. I didn’t manage though because I didn’t get a chance to shower with all the ring trailer escapades and was dirty and tired. I sat with Sean, Eric and Rachel most of the night at the DJ table. We then decided to go to my house in Morris so we wouldn’t have to drive very far in the morning to get to the Highland show.

The next set of events will focus on the flyering for the Noblesville show. Jack got ribbed very hard during this trip by Eric and Rachel. He had to get down on one knee and grab ahold of a man’s hand and ask for forgiveness for making Rachel mad. We have pictures. I am going to get a picture cd made so hopefully sometime next week, pics will be posted in an update on here. The hijinks weren’t over there though because later Jack had to get topless and hug a tree outside KMart and apologize to the tree for all the horrible things he has done. Jack hates nothing more than tomatoes. They put a tomato slice in his pocket as we left a Chinese restaurant. It was fun watching Jack throw a hissy fit outside when he find it in his pocket. The show for Noblesville was blah because Jack, Eric and Rachel got lost and didn’t get to the building with the ring until 6:30. The crowd was dead the whole night since they didn’t know anybody and it just made the show no fun at all.

We stayed at a hotel in Lafayette after the show and then went to eat at Golden Corral the next morning. Manuel has new friends in the IWA crew. Our waiter took some great pictures with Eric and everyone…except me. I was trying to find my camera but it was in Rachel’s bag and wasn’t found until a couple of days later. They slapped Jack in the face with a slice of tomato and that entertained everyone as well.

The show in Rensselaer was fun. The events afterwards were not. The ring truck broke down again. The second time in three months that the transmission went out. It took us an hour to go the 8 miles to the interstate from the armory. We got a hotel for the night and this time it was Jack, Eric, Sean, Angela, Rachel and me in the room. Sean and Angela on the floor so who knows what was going on down there. hehehe. We had to wait around at the hotel until Vince could get off of work and drive up to pick up the trailer. The jack slipped in the snow and ice and broke under the trailer. Someone working at the gas station called his uncle to come help us who had a good jack. He came and got the trailer jacked up and hooked onto Vince’s SUV for us. A good guy and all he asked for was a cup of coffee when I tried to give him $20 for the help. We gave him a poster from the show and autographed it for him. We finally got back to Louisville around midnight or after.

Monday I went Christmas shopping with Rachel and Eric. Rachel gave me a very nice Christmas card with a poem inside that she had written awhile ago but thought it would apply to me. For those following, Rachel is the girl that I like and we say we have the five year plan. Unfortunately, Eric and Jack, just like in Boy Meets World also have crushes on Rachel as well as several other guys. Rachel had a crush on me about 3 years ago but emphasis on the “had”. After spending alot of time around each other the last few weeks doing things for IWA, I think I’m closer to being viewed by her as an older brother than the guy she had a crush on 3 years ago. That’s the breaks I guess. Yet, friends are better than nothing so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Anyway, I dropped off Eric in Evansville this morning and came on home. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

I’m not sure when I’ll get the pictures up but is should be soon. I’ll be going back down to Louisville next week sometime to possibly help Shaina move into her new apartment and to put out flyers for the Vincennes show.

Good Day.






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