quick update even though no one cares

Here is a quick update: I’ve been out and about flyering and what not for the last couple of weeks and haven’t really been home.

The school board elected to keep Coach Darlington so I dont have to run for the school board and try to fire my cousin now.

I have some pictures taken during flyering that I will get developed soon. They will embarrass the hell out of Tommy Thompson. I’ll need Maniwa to show me how to post them because I’m getting a picture cd made of them.

I said that I would update the five year plan. Here is the update. The girl can do much much much better than me. Maybe the five year plan should be turned into a “when hell freezes over plan.” Big Sweaty Mike agrees with me on hating happy endings to movies. Perhaps we will write a script for a movie and have all hell break loose and break all the rules of the normal movie story telling. We also hate seeing people making out on tv. It isn’t fair. It isn’t fair.

I’m about to head out to the shows this weekend. I will eventually put up a decent update sometime next week that will involve stories and hopefully the pictures.

Good day.






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