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Sunday night was the party for my Grandma Dorothy’s 79th birthday. I saw most of the family for the second time in a week. Usually it would be six months at least in between two visits like that. We discussed the screwjob on the Redskins at the state game. I found an interesting tidbit of info in the paper yesterday. Joliet Catholic has played 19 playoffs games against public schools other than Morris since 1999. They win by an average of 47-9. The four games against Morris in that span: 18-11. A small silver lining in the big picture of things but something to be proud of nonetheless. A writer for the Tribune (a Catholic no doubt) doesn’t see a problem with Catholic schools winning titles in 2A through 6A by an average margin of victory of 28 points. I hope they do the multiplier and see how Morris fares against teams that are not from towns 10 times bigger than Morris and recruit.

I haven’t heard from my Aunt Sharon on how her tests went yesterday. Maybe she hasn’t gotten the results yet. I bought them a new cordless phone with an answering machine for their joint birthday present. My aunt’s birthday is December 7th. Their old phone was on the fritz along with their tv. I hope they can fight the cancer and I’ve said a few prayers for her. Hopefully it works out. I’m sure she will have support though from the family to help her get through whatever fight may lay ahead for her. The Cockream side of the family is very close and sticks together during the tough times. I sure can’t say that about the Fannin side outside of my grandma and my aunt.

I’m reading on the internet that today is the day that Ken Jennings gets beat on Jeopardy. I’ll definitely be tuned in to find out if it is true. I haven’t watched all 73 of his victories but I’ve seen a good amount of them. I wish I could get on a game show and win $2.5 million.

I watched the Boy Meets World marathon on Sunday. Lots of great episodes although it was all the breakups of Corey and Tapanga and them getting back together. I saw that the second season was out on DVD now. If any of you want to get me something good for Christmas….

I did some shopping the other day and I now have my Aunt Faye, Shaina, Maniwa, Chris, Patricia and John taken care of in the gift department. I’m almost done and have almost a full month to finish. I’m going good on that front. I’m going to send out a donation to Mark’s LeaderTrek’s group that he works for and that will take care of his Christmas present. He is the camp organizers for the group when they take church youth groups on wilderness adventures to learn more about God. It’s definitely not the life for me since I need my computer and tv and a roof over my head. I’m glad I wasn’t born in the 1800s. I don’t think I would have lasted very long.

Well that does it for today’s nothing happening report. Take care everyone and Good Day.






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