F’ng Catholics

I hate Catholic schools. I hate Catholic schools. I hate Catholic schools.

17-0 defeat for Morris today. Our offense was putrid. QB fumbled the snap twice, once in the endzone which JCA recovered to go ahead 7-0. They got a cheap wind aided field goal to go up 10-0. Then they got a worthless touchdown at the end of the game when it was already decided. The defense was great. Should have won. The refs did there part to help on that first touchdown. The rules in IL High School football state that a Catholic team can slide 8 yards deep into the endzone while trying to down the ball on the punt and have the ball ruled down at the half yard line. Fumble. Touchdown. Your Christmas bonus is in the mail.

I didn’t see the “Jesus Loves Us For Free” sign so I didn’t get a picture. The games should have been JCA vs. Providence and Morris vs. Bloomington today. Next year the new rule should go into effect and the Catholics can play each other in the higher class where it is fair. We yelled to the JCA team during their trophy ceremony “good luck in 7A next year when you can’t buy the trophy.” I told my cousin and friends that I would have pulled the ending of “Bad News Bears” during the trophy ceremony. Morris was getting their second place trophy and JCA was chanting “thank you” at the foot of the podium. I would have told them “Take your thank yous (apology) and your trophy and shove em up your ass.”

I guess with the loss today that it will be easier for the fat troll to get his way and relieve Coach Darlington of his coaching duties at the high school. I have come to the decision that I’ll attend the next school board meeting and if they do decide to not bring back Coach D, I’ll have a new purpose in life. Run for the School Board with a bunch of my friends and take over the school board. The first order of business of the new board: FIRE STEVE FANNIN. That one I will definitely keep everyone posted on.

I’m stuffed from eating at Ryan’s buffet. I’m steaming mad over the poor performance at the game. I’m tired. I won’t be able to make it down for the Mayor’s comedy performance due to having to be up here to pay the deposit on the Japan trip. I don’t know when I’ll update again.

Good Day.






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