Just another reason to hate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is not a holiday that has been very good to the Fannin family. Today justs adds another reason why I hate Thanksgiving.

I will start with the worst Thanksgiving ever which would be 1980. They say that bad things come in three but I don’t think they meant this bad and this quick. All of what I’m about to write about occurred on the same day on Thanksgiving day in 1980. My dad become paralyzed from the waist down. He was a hemophiliac and had an accident at work earlier in the year in which he fell through a bunch of glass. When they finally got him to stop bleeding, a clot formed on his spine. On Thanksgiving day, that blood clot severed his spine leaving him paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of his life. It can be directly linked to his cause of death 16 years later. That same day my grandma’s sister’s husband passed away. I don’t have many memories about him and my grandma didn’t really like him but it still made for a bad day. Topping it off, my grandma’s brother had an accident that resulted in his foot being amputated. Again, all this happened in one day. Thanksgiving. Yeah thanks alot.

Today, I found out that my Aunt Sharon has cancer. She won’t know how bad it is at least until Monday when she goes back to the doctor. They’ll find out how big it is, what they can do to fight it, etc. It didn’t really destroy dinner today with my mom’s side of the family but it did lead to people talking about old times. No one would play cards with my cousin and me because we cheated years ago and got caught. We were banned from playing cards with the family for a year after that but today we just kept getting called cheaters and had to start up a game at the small table. My aunt shared some memories with me of the time that my mom embarrassed me on the way to the state championship game in 1989. The Morris bus was passing us and she was holding up a diaper and dancing with it as the Rick Rude stripper song was playing on the radio. I just sunk down in the seat and hid my face so no one on the bus would recognize me. Ah memories. I really hope that they have found her cancer in time and that they can do something to fight it. Only time will tell I guess.

So there you have it. I hate Thanksgiving. Add in the fact that I don’t like turkey and I hate stuffing and dressing and cranberry whatever the hell it is, and I just hate to see Thanksgiving on the calendar.

I called a couple of people who are very important to me on my way home from dinner tonight. It made me feel a little better to hear that they were doing alright.

Valparaiso tomorrow and then Champaign on Saturday. I am so getting my picture taken with the “Jesus Loves Us For Free” sign at the game. Let’s hope HE loves us enough to let us finally beat those bastards.

Good Day.






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