A mixed bag of a weekend with lots of thoughts

I left for Louisville on Wednesday morning and I will begin this journal with a rant. I hate truck drivers. I wish they could have their own roads or that police would strictly enforce a law stating that they have to stay in the right lane at all times. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been cut off by a bastard truck driver who just desperately had to pass the truck in front of him. They whip out in front of me, even though there isn’t a car behind me for four miles, and then take five minutes to pass the truck in front of them. I guess waiting 5 more seconds for me to speed by would be asking for too much civility. Then after passing through Indianapolis, a semitruck was in the passing lane for 25 miles and at times would be going 30 miles per hour for no apparent reason causing a two mile long line of cars to slam on their brakes. You should be able to follow them to their stops and pull them out of the fucking truck and bash their heads in with a baseball bat when they do prick things like that. Now that my road rage has subsided, I can move on.

I got in to Clarksville and stopped to see Shaina and Cicero. I hadn’t seen Cicero in a couple of months and he barked his head off at me when I first got there. I had stopped and picked up some bacon treats and a few toys for him since it was a belated 1st birthday present for him. I think Cicero enjoy the bacon treat and he liked playing fetch with the toys and he seemed depressed when I left. The apartment looked to be pretty much the same except for the outline of the dead body on the carpet. I know nothing and if the cops ask me, I’m sticking to that.

Thursday was the David Allan Coe concert. The opening act of Dallas Moore was horrible. Don’t ever go see this band perform. You can thank me for the warning later. I can’t remember the last time I heard that many GD’s spoken by one person and I don’t care to ever hear it again. Every person’s name to this man was “…..G D…..” I’m quite sure Waylon Jennings’ mom did not give him the middle name of GD. As for Dallas Moore’s mom, I don’t know. David Allan Coe then only performed for about 50 minutes. The sound guy was horrible. I started a “we want Maniwa” chant a few times because of how crappy the guy was. David Allan Coe was getting ticked about the feedback problems with the mic as well. He didn’t sing “If that ain’t country” nor did he sing “You Don’t Ever Call Me By My Name”. He sang more Kid Rock than he did his own stuff. I probably won’t be making the trek back to Coyotes any time soon to see it again. Too many people. Too much smoke. Too much bad music. I did have fun though so thanks John for getting the tickets.

Friday was the show in Bloomington but I just remember being really really tired. The Mayor was there and I talked to him for a few seconds after the show. I got in the car and all I listened to on the way from Bloomington to Highland was commentary on the Pistons-Pacers fight. I don’t agree with suspending Artest for the season. That fuckass in the crowd threw shit and deserved to have his ass handed to him. The suspension of O’Neal I really don’t get since he hit the stupid ass that was ON THE BASKETBALL COURT. Try doing that shit at an IWA show and see what the hell happens to you. People + alcohol = fuckasses (alot of the time).

Saturday was the Highland show and the Morris football game at the same time. It was also the baseball card show in the morning. I met Chris around 11. I bought him an autograph ball of Frank Robinson for his Christmas present. He was pissed when he saw me because I was wearing the exact Morris sweatshirt he had just gotten me for Christmas. We went through the line for Frank Robinson and had to dodge flying pens. We were first in line and the first six pens Robinson tried didn’t write. He kept zinging them in disgust until he finally got one that wrote. Then it was back to Highland for the show. I had my cousin at the game giving me updates through the walkie-talkie feature of my Nextel phone. I had Chris at the game calling me on the cell with updates. I had Steve Stone making fun of me for paying more attention to the score than the show. I had the Ritters asking me what the updates were. Tommy Thompson was asking for updates on my updates. I was wearing my Redskins tie that my Grandma got me for my birthday. One fan asked me during the BJ/Danny match why I would wear a Redskins tie. My response: “because we are ten minutes away from the state championship game baby.” My first update came 5 minutes after the game started when word came in that Morris scored a TD on its first play on offense. Morris was up 14-0 by the time I went to the ring for Danny/BJ. BJ gets a win in a very good match and I get piledrove by Danny for interfering. Morris is up 28-0 when I get back from the ring. Time to reserve the tickets for the championship game. Morris wins 35-0 and it’s celebration time as we go to the ring for Stone vs. Ian in the tables match. Ian breaks his collarbone and Steve Stone wins. Ian and myself exchange some very harsh words before the match and now everyone knows that if Ian doesn’t pay me back by next month, I take over IWA daddio. I decided to be semi-social at the hotel after the show and I stayed outside my room for a couple of hours talking with Smart Mark Video and Carmen. Misty would be there off and on. The Milwaukee drunks would stumble by periodically. Prazak was out there for awhile. It wasn’t too bad so maybe I can come out of the cave a little more often.

Today I got my autographs from Mark Grace and Rick Sutcliffe. Both were very friendly and made for a good time at the show.

Next week is Evansville, New Albany and Valpo and then it is a caravan down to Champaign to watch the Redskins take on the evil and hated Joliet Catholic Hilltoppers. Boston ended the curse of the Bambino this year. Bush ended the curse of the Redskins predicting the result of the election this year. Hopefully this is the year that Morris ends the Catholic Fuckasses Curse. It sure would be nice to know how many more state title games we could have gotten to over the last thirty years if we could recruit and buy our players from outside the city limits of Morris. 7 trips in 25 years is mighty nice but it sure would be higher. Morris was on the Friday CBS morning news show in Chicago. They came down to the school and did live remotes from 5 am to 7 am. I wish I could have been here to see it. I’ll have the vcr going taping the game on Saturday though.

I’m out to get some sleep. I have Wizard of Oz on right now. My mom loved that movie. We would go to my grandma’s and watch it every year when CBS showed it and my aunt and cousin would be over there as well. A fan said something about Ian having sex with my mom at the Highland show. That fucker has no idea how lucky he was because even Ian thought I was going to get out of the ring and kill the fucker. I wanted to get out of the ring and do it. Stone was holding me back as I went to the ropes. I didn’t want another TPI incident especially with the Pistons/Pacer fight happening the night before. If I had definitely seen who said it and would have found him outside after the show….. Anyway, I’m off to watch as much of the movie as I can.

Good Day.


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