The return of the mini-rants

Hello everyone,

I have a couple of quick rants. The first concerns the Dallas Reunion special that CBS reaired last night. A thanks to CBS for doing so since I was able to tape it this time. Now for a problem I had with it. When Bobby and Pam are reunited at Southfork, they talk about their “perfect marriage” and how even after they split up on the show that everyone wanted them to get back together because they were such a perfect couple. All the fans of the show were happy when after a couple of years, they were going to get remarried. I never wanted that. Pam was out dating Mark Grayson and living it up after the breakup. She got pissed off at Bobby for dating his old high school flame Jenna Wade. Why should she be able to date but Bobby be forced to live in misery waiting for her to sow her wild oats and come back? F that. They weren’t the perfect couple because there is no such thing. The first 15 minutes of the special was bad but then it got much better. B+ for an overall grade. It was nice that they went in and edited a tribute to Howard Keel (who played Clayton Farlow) since he passed away the day the special aired last Sunday.

Now onto another rant. This one goes back to the football game yesterday. Why in the hell would you go on the opposite side of the field to cheer your team? Do you want to get the shit kicked out of you? Do you feel the need to be that big of a prick? Stay on your side and cheer your team all you want.

This weekend coming up will be Bloomington and Highland and the baseball card show where I’ll be getting Mark Grace and Rick Sutcliffe autographs. My missing pieces to the division championship teams of 84 and 89. It should be a good weekend and I look forward to the Highland show even though it will be occurring at the same time as the Morris/Geneseo semifinal game. I’ll definitely be calling Chris for updates on that one. My only hope is that they decide to play the game at like 1 pm like this last one although Morris always chooses night games at home.

I’m mad that ABC chose to show Harry Potter last night and the American Music Awards tonight so that I couldn’t watch Desperate Housewives this weekend at all. I guess I’ll just have to go to Wal-Mart or something instead.

Good Day.






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