And then there was one…

Well I have returned from more world travels. I saw Shaina for about 5 minutes on Wednesday night. (Those that know me know that while 5 minutes to some doesn’t seem like a long visit…5 minutes around me can feel like an eternity so I’m sure that was more than enough time with me for her liking). Hopefully most of her problems are taken care of now even though I’m still alive so I guess she’s still got some problems. Yeah those last comments were meant as a joke…any similarity to the truth is purely coincidental and not intentional.

I spent a couple of days in the Louisville area but nothing much happened. Damn rain. I am currently working on taking care of the possibility of dying alone and never having a son to carrying on the Fannin name. It started a couple of weeks ago and has taken on a life of its own. If you’ve ever seen the Julia Roberts’ movie, My Best Friend’s Wedding, then you will have a general idea of what I am talking about. If I’m still a single loser with no prospects in 5 years, I may have a mate as long as she is still single and has no prospects. Many details still have to be sorted out and our sanity checked…I may keep everyone updated…or I may not. The odds of such a thing even occuring are not good. Me being a pot smoking, alcohol drinking, hard partying, liberal has a better chance of happening. BTW…yes I realize I am a fat, ugly, obnoxious, crude, rude, repulsive, socially unacceptable, boring, old, desperate loser. Therefore, no need for comments to be posted touching on this issue.

Now for the part you all dread and send death threats about having to read…I drove home late last night, got in around 1 am. I slept for a few hours and then got up to get ready to drive a couple of hours to Metamora for the playoff football game. Thankfully Chris tagged along or else it would have been a very boring trip. If any of you are ever thinking of going to Metamora for some crazy ass reason…don’t. That place makes Morris look like New York City. The last twenty-five miles of the trip saw us pass one restaurant, Subway. We stopped before the game to eat. I walk in with my Morris hat and sweatshirt on and the two guys behind the counter start making comments to each other. They continue talking shit for the entire time we are in the store eating. We leave and go to the game. An ambulance pulls up on the Morris side of the field and one of the guys with the ambulance is one of the big mouths from Subway. Morris kicks off to start the game and absolutely kills the return man causing a fumble. Morris ball on the 15 yard line 4 seconds into the game. Morris touchdown a minute later and Morris leads 7-0. Metamora fairs much better on the next possession actually taking 8 minutes off the clock and gaining about 50 yards before failing on fourth down. The whole time they were moving the ball 3-4 yards a play, the guy with the ambulance was sitting on top of the ambulance and cheering and talking shit. Nothing though when they failed to do anything. I turned to him and yelled “why aren’t you dancing and talking now???” These kind of exchanges continued for the rest of the first half until he left. Halftime score: Morris 14 Metamora 0. I had a few people tell me how much they liked my post on going off on my cousin. I can’t believe how much attention that post has gotten. Chris heard people talking about at the hospital and then people at the game today. I’m like EF Hutton. When I talk…people listen.

This was the worst game I’ve seen Morris play since they got killed 28-0 in the 1994 State Championship Game. Granted I have not watched every game played since then but out of the ones I’ve watched, this was the worst. Our running back who has averaged 165 yards a game probably only got around 40-50 yards today. They looked beatable for the first time this year. The defense was giving up more yardage than they have all year but they would cause a fumble or make a stop at the very end to hold them. The fourth quarter started and it was still 14-0. The refs decided to get involved and call three straight bogus penalties to help Metamora move down the field. Fluke pass and all of a sudden it is 14-7 with 6 minutes left. Morris gets the ball back and proceeds to go 3 and out and have to punt. Several players from the team Morris beat the hell out of last week were standing by us and cheering away hoping for the demise of the Redskins. The punt is downed at the 10 yard line. The defense causes a fumble and recovers on the first play pretty much ending the game. The Pontiac players sat in stunned silence. So I had to ask them why they weren’t dancing around and celebrating now? Was it because they still hadn’t fully recovered from their ass kicking the week before? So they left and the game ends with a Morris 21-7 victory. On the way out of the stadium, a man was standing outside of his huge ass RV. On the windows was written in shoe polish “Metamora 2004 State Champs” and on the other window “Redbirds Rule…Redskins Drool”. I stopped and asked him if he needed some of my drool to wipe that shit off his windows. He didn’t respond. I think was trying to decide between the rope in his right hand and the gun in his left.

Morris vs. Geneseo next Saturday in the semi-finals…Joliet Catholic perhaps one game away? We won’t stand a chance against JCA the way the team played today but they got it done when they had to and they won on their worst day. Let’s hope there are only best days left.

Punch and pie to all of you who made it through that update.

Good Day.






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