My grandpa

Well I said that I would post some memories I had of my grandpa. Today is the four year anniversary of his passing and I just got back from the cemetary with my grandma and my aunt.

My grandpa in a lot of ways was like a second dad to me. Since my dad was in a wheelchair from the time I was three years old, my grandpa had to do a lot of the father/son kind of thing with me. My mom and dad worked the midnight shift for the Illinois State Police crime lab. I would spend the night with my grandma and grandpa. My grandpa would play catch with me. He would always take me for walks along the toe path that led out to the cemetary. We would go to my uncle’s grave (whom I am named after…he was my dad’s brother and died at the age of 16 in a car accident). I would always be tuckered out by that time so my grandpa would have to carry me back to the car. One of my favorite pictures I have is of me taking a nap while laying on my grandpa on the couch. He would tell me stories about his relative that almost got signed by the Cincinnati Reds. He would tell me about World War II and serving under Patton in North Africa. I love my grandpa and I greatly miss him. Thanks for everything you did for me and for making me know what is was to be a man. Hopefully I will see you in heaven one day.

I’m going to be leaving for Louisville here shortly. I have to clean out the gutters since they are full of leaves and it is supposed to rain tomorrow. I will be stopping by and seeing Shaina for a few minutes. The rest of the time I’ll be working on the Japan trip and helping promote the Bloomington show for the 19th.

I’ll be back on Friday night so I can go to the Morris game with Chris on Saturday afternoon.

Good Day.






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